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The best roof paint colors to reduce the Summer heat

As Australians we are no strangers to the heat, particularly in the warmest months of Summer. However, we have become experts in cooling the home down. That means expert air conditioning systems, ice cold tiles and as of late smart roof paint that detracts the sunlight! 

So are you ready to make a cool change in time for next summer? Well we have the some handy recommendations and the best roof paint colours to reduce the summer heat!

Understanding Roof Colours

Typically, dark colours will attract and absorb heat faster. So as a general rule at we always recommend avoiding dark coloured roof paint! Utilising a lighter roof paint colour can actually save you money as you will be less inclined to rely on air conditioning to cool your home.

Heat reflective roof paint is a fantastic option for our hot and sunny climate, providing constant coolness and a range of colours to choose from. This option can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays (wow) and subsequently keeps rooms at a much lower temperature. 

Reducing Electricity Cooling Costs

As touched on, it also reduces cooling costs, by approximately 20 degrees! So you can really see how you will save money on your energy bill when you do not need to crank the air conditioning and put the fans on max.

For our greenies, it actually lowers your carbon footprint! Reflective paint comes at no cost to the environment and through using less energy helps minimise your personal effect on the environment (win-win if you ask us!).

Reflective paint MASSIVELY helps your home’s insulation and is much more effective than other kinds of paint, especially if you opt for lighter colours. 

What Colours will Cool your Home

Let’s talk specific colours! As brushed on throughout this article, the lighter your colour the better likelihood of a cool home. Definitely avoid dark colours like black, red, navy, dark brown and so forth. 

The optimal colour is white, assuring the coolest temperature and insulation for your home. The next best thing? Well, just about anything cool toned or light! 

Creams, beiges and light greys are a good option! White can be a little boring for some and a variation of cream, beige or light grey can be a popular option in adding a bit more style whilst maintaining the coolness you desire. 

Lemon and pastels. Lemon painted rooftops are expected to be trending in 2020 and this popular colour is on the cooler side of things, so a safe bet! Pastels are a favourite of ours, helping your home stand out from the rest and still avoiding absorption of that hot Aussie sun. 

A sweet sky blue, light green or lilac can also be sufficient in minimising heat from the sun but as mentioned the BEST possible option is white or as near to white as you can get. 

If you do want to stray from this recommendation and paint a slightly darker shade then definitely opt for the specific reflective paint to ensure your home does not become a sauna! 

We bet you did not realise just how much consideration can go into your roof’s paint colour, but when you are sweating through the warmest months of Summer you will truly appreciate the comfort of walking into a nice and cool home. Save money on energy bills and get it right the first time by following this guide on the best roof paint colours for Summer! 

You really can’t go wrong with lighter coloured roofs! If you would like to talk more about all things paint and home decoration then please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of ’s friendly team or simply take a browse through some of our latest projects. If you can’t get enough of the literature, then you should definitely check out our article on repainting your lounge room or our article on why more women are getting into interior painting!

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