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5 Reasons why a fresh coat of lounge room paint might be the go for Summer 2020

Summer 2020, has a nice ring to it. Sounds like the perfect time to add a fresh coat of paint to your lounge room! We know you have been going back and forth with the idea, perhaps alternating between the lounge room and the ensuite? 

Well what better time to refresh one of the busiest rooms in the house than the beginning of a new decade! If not now, when? Let’s face it, it’s Summer 2020 or never when it comes to finallyyy add a fresh coat of paint to your tired old living room. 

Spend the rest of the year admiring your workmanship, showing off to your friends and feeling truly relaxed in your bright new space. It truly does make all the difference, this is your lounge room after all! 

The place where you will spend many an evening talking with loved ones, opening gifts on Christmas morning and settling in for a movie marathon after a long week. 

You spend a lot of time in your Lounge Room

While you may be stuck deciding which room of the house deserves a fresh coat of paint in time for Summer 2020, we say opt for the lounge room! A space you spend a heck of a lot of time in! 

The room you will entertain guests in, celebrate key events and dates, host family game nights, re-watch episode after episode of Game of Thrones and whatever else you tend to do in the largest room in the house! 

This space is CRYING for the refresh that comes from a coat of paint. Brighten up the space, cool it down or simply modernise your outdated wallpaper. You will not regret it. 

Interior Design is the New Trend for 2020

Do you want to be left behind in the 21st century’s teenage years or are you ready to embark on the interior design trends that come with the 20s?! 

As with any new decade, there comes a spring cleaning kind of period in which the old is thrown out to make way for the new trends that prove better than ever. 

And how easy is a fresh coat of paint in ONE room when it comes to staying relevant? 

Options for New Lounge Room Paint Colour

There are so so so many options when it comes to choosing your lounge room’s new paint colour! 


Cream is always a popular, timeless option as it provides warmth and moulds well with any colour furniture you may already have. 

Soft Blush Pink

A soft blush pink seems to be growing in popularity, adding a sophisticated touch of femininity to your space. 

Horizontal Paint Stripes

We predict horizontal paint stripes will be big in 2020, modernising any lounge room in an instant! 

Bright Bold Green

While a bright bold coat of green paint may be too intimidating for most, a bold accent (AKA a touch of paint) may be the way to go. Whether that is achieved through a feature wall, a small design or a coloured built in shelf. The options are limitless. 


Black paint has been lying off the shelves. This daring colour scheme can drag your lounge room forward in time, pairing well with brightly coloured furniture (just make sure the paint is definitely dry first!). 

Shades of Blue

We adore shades of blue for the lounge room, giving off a calm ambiance and soft energy. Whether your aiming for a beach theme or simply a fan of blue, you really can’t go wrong when you paint this colour.

If you are looking to Hire an Interior Painter? Check out our tradies on

You can do it yourself or offload it to a professional Interior Painter

One of the great things about painting is that just about anyone can do it well! 

If you have been avoiding a fresh coat of paint in your lounge room because you don’t want to fork out on a painter, then roll up your sleeves and get ready to do it yourself! 

If the thought of painting makes you yawn on cue, then read our article on finding the perfect painter in Melbourne for some great tips that work anywhere. 

A professional touch assures the highest quality, can be affordable and quicker than doing it yourself.

Give your Lounge Room a New Touch of Paint

Your lounge room is looking old, tired and worn out. You feel embarrassed entertaining guests in a dull room, particularly during the summer time. 

A fresh coat of paint will easily revitalise your space, giving it the glow up it so desperately needs! What have you got to lose?

Don’t get stuck in the trap of forever prolonging a project you have been thinking about for years and JUST DO IT! 

Our customers are amazed with the difference painting their lounge room makes and often kick themselves for not doing it a lot sooner! 

So Summer 2020; paint the lounge room!

Treat yourself, your family and anyone who enters to a bright and welcoming space that will make you proud. Feel ultimate comfort and luxury in your own home with a simple coat of paint! 


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